The Guardian - 3.5 Gallons - Water Purification System ( Includes 2 AquaBladeAquaBlade™ Purification Filters )

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Capacity (# of Gallons):
3.5 Gallons - Top Chamber / 3.5 Galllons Bottom Chamber
Size (Fully Assembled):
13" Diameter & 28" Heigth
Plastic - FDA Approved High Density Polyethylene l


If you need larger quantities of water purified at a faster rate then, The Guardian water purification system is for you! The Guardian provides 3.5 Gallons capacity in the upper and lower chambers, and measures 28” height & 16” in diameter. With the larger capacity The Guardian is perfect small groups in emergency preparedness situations, or for larger families who need purified drinking water on a daily basis. The upper & lower housing of the Guardian be nested together for storage, saving space, and making the system easy to transport. Shipped with 2 AquaBlade™ filters, the system can be easily changed to accommodate 3 more filters by simply removing the rubber stoppers and installing the filters, providing a total of five filters, and cutting the time down to just a few minutes. Manufactured from FDA-approved HDPE plastic, this tough unit is lightweight but built for durability.