The Big Shield 2.25 Gallon - Water Purification System (Includes 2 AquaBladeAquaBlade™ Purification Filters)

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Size (Fully Assembled):
9.5" Diameter & 18" Height
Capacity (# of Gallons):
Processes 2.25 Gallons In One Batch - Top Chamber / 2.25 Gallons - Bottom Chamber
304 Stainless Steel - Surgical Grade

Whether you're looking for a water purification filter for for emergency preparedness sitations, or the ultimate water purification system that is the perfect match for your stainless steel kitchen appliances to use on a daily basis, & which can provide years of service, The Big Shield - Water Purification System delivers. Included with the system are two AquaBlade™ 2.75” X 9” purification filters, and a high-quality stainless steel spigot. The AquaBlade™ purification filters are gravity-powered water purification system can accommodate up to four filters, doubling the water filtration speed of the unit by simply removing the included rubber plugs, and installing the additional filters. The system holds up to 2.25 gallons of fresh, purified water in the lower reservoir for your enjoyment which is accessible using a high-quality stainless steel spigot. A matching 2.25 Gallon upper reservoir means you can fill it, and forget it. Additionally, the upper & lower stainless steel housings are shaped to nest together for more compact storage. Upgrades to our stainless steel stand, or 7" sight glass spigot and to the ease of use, and durability that our customers come to expect from Armor Pure water purification products.


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